Possible amount of data in visual – legend question

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I try to visualise data from one time series for two days, having data for each minute (app. 2,900 data points in all). See chart number one below – it works fine, as I just show all the values and their time stamp. (I only have one time serie in my data set)

However, the idea is to have many time series in the data set, where “TimeSeriesID” helps me identify the connection between different time series and their values. So I use Legend to filter for the TimeSerieID’s I want to visualise.

This does not work, as I get an error due to too many DateTime values. Please see the chart below, where I only have about 1/3 of my time serie visualised.

The only difference in the two charts above is the use of filter in Legend.

Question: Why does the use of legend make this “crash”? It seems like a lot of data is being processed (why?), making it hard to use the visual for data placed in a star scheme.

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