Power BI Embedded – Master User Authentication with xViz

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Hi All,

My org is interested in using the hierarchy slicer in one of our embedded Power BI reports. The report is embedded in an application where we use the Master User authentication method so users without licenses can view our report.

My question is with regard to the license/pricing of the xViz visual – would we need just a single license associated with the Master User (Pro account) for our end users to see the hierarchy slicer without the popup?


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All of our public licensing information is available on our website, in our pricing ( https://www.xviz.com/pricing) and FAQ (https://xviz.com/faq/) pages. However, for additional licensing queries you can contact us using the form here (https://xviz.com/contact-us/) with your query and our team will be happy to revert via email with appropriate information.



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