Questions about saving Gantt chart preferences and chart formatting?


I’m currently trying out your Gantt chart Power BI visualization and it seems to be the best solution currently available on the market. However, I have a couple of questions about the chart:

  1. There should be a button in the visualization to collapse/un-collapse all nodes. Currently, it is in the settings (under data grid) and not available to end user.
  2. Progress should not be mandatory. As my use case does not have progress, I just ended up creating a measure “Progress = 0” and using it.
  3. When using multiple levels of tasks (for example “Project” and “Task name” under section “Task Name”), it should be possible to bold the top level of task for better visualization.
  4. When using multiple levels of tasks (for example “Project” and “Task name” under section “Task Name”), it should be possible to change the indentation level of bottom level task for better visualization.
  5. The visualization does not save the selected zoom level when using the zoom button
  6. The visualization does not save the set column widths

Most of these that I listed are suggestions, but it should be a top priority to add saving of column widths and zoom levels to the visualization.

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One year from when the question was posted, and #6 is still not fixed. I too am going through the Business Apps page:

However, if you change pages of the report or close/open… or even hit refresh.. #6 always resets to some awful default column width. Is there any solution in the past 12 months? If not, I need to find a different Gantt / Timeline visual.

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Please verify if you are using the ‘Task name width’ option under the ‘Display categories’ field to adjust the width. If you are trying to manually adjust the width by dragging, it will revert to default post refresh.


Hello Hurde,

Most of the above suggestions are now available in the latest Gantt chart version 1.1.0. In case if you are not using the latest version of the Gantt Chart, please download the same from the website and install it in your organization visual to avail the latest features.

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I don’t currently have access to organization visuals. I have checked the Microsoft AppSource (from inside Power BI Desktop app) and it says that it is version

However, when it gets installed, clicking “about” from the visualization, the version is 1.0.0.

Just an update, I downloaded the 1.1.0 from your website and Power BI still shows that it is version 1.0.0 and these issues are not fixed.

The visuals needs to be added in the “My Organization” by making the charts as your Organizational charts. Follow this link

The function collapse/uncollapse is not available for end users in the newest version of Gantt Chart Enterprise (1.1.8)…

is any follow up expected?