Retrieve selected value from Hierarchy Filter

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I am looking to pull the selected value into a generated column from the Hierarchy Filter in order to populate dynamic title.

I have a 3 level hierarchy, if I select a member from the third level it works perfectly. If I choose the 1st or second level however, it returns the first member of the 3rd level as opposed to the 1st or second level.

Any idea how I could rectify this?

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Hello Sim,

Could you please let us know which version of the chart throws this error? It will be helpful if you could post a picture of the error here.

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Latest Version.

or even just SELECTEDVALUE

it works ok but as soon as you turn on ‘Hide Blanks’ it breaks.

Can you provide a method to get the selected values when option ‘Hide blanks’ is enabled?

Use Case: using this filter along with other visuals including a table and want to get the selected values from this filter