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Feel like I have dumb questions however here goes.

Firstly is there a manual that details all of the components within the Gannt? There are so many options within that the many webinars I’ve seen barely scratch into and most items are completely ignored. How do we find out how to use the components – also what kind of data do they require? and in what form/format? Let alone the whole range of options in side the internal

Secondly current goal is apparently simple – single line with up to four stages/phases/tasks in a single line with a different colour assigned to each stage/phase/task, also having milestones appear in the same line for about four milestones… Seems simple but out of reach

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Chrisc,

Please download a sample Gantt pbix file from the link-

To extract a sample data, click on the data view and right click on any column to copy the table and paste it in an Excel to go through the data format for each category

To visualize all the tasks in the same line, try the Gantt Resource option in the format pane

Try the conditional formatting option to color the bars based on your requirement

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