Sort Funnel/Pyramid chart on “Axis” categorie in stead of “Value” output

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<span lang="en">I have created a Funnel with categories A-Z (Axis). the value per category is expressed in euros (Value).

the funnel is now sorted by the output value, but I would like to sort the funnel from Z to A (Axis).

How can I set this?</span><img src="" />
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Hello Giel,

  1. You could add a new column as ‘Sort’ in your data set

2. Assign it to the ‘Sort by’ field in the power BI

3. Now, you will be able to visualize the chart based on your sorting

4. Additionally, under chart options, you can sort by ascending or descending based on the assigned field.

Please consider this as a workaround, xViz team is working on to provide a more efficient way to do this from the upcoming releases.

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So I used a text select to extract the number I wanted for a sort value, but when I add my “Sort” column, it is making it a count field instead of just the value, so this workaround is not working for me. What am I doing wrong?


Hi sscot019,

Make sure the ‘Sort’ column data type is set to ‘Number’ and not as ‘Text’.



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