Task order in Gantt

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Can I order the Tasks in Gantt.  Lets say I have 3 Parent/Subtask entities that are Requirements, Design, Test and the associated sub tasks. Gantt displays them in order from top to bottom as Design, Requirements, Test. Is there any way to reorder them?

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You can try the below steps to order the tasks based on your requirement.

  • Introduce the ID column and enter the numbers based on which you want to order them.

  • Assign the ID column in the ‘Task ID’ field

  • Now, click on the ‘More options’ in the top right corner of the visual and select ‘Sort by’ and click on the ‘ID’ option. Make sure the ‘Sort ascending’ is selected.

  • Your tasks will be sorted based on the ID now. You can re-order the tasks by assigning the corresponding ID.

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