Technical and license query related to xViz Linear Gauge Pro



I have planned to purchase xViz Linear Gauge Pro. Using trial version I build 5 visual with equal width and set minimum value and maximum value for all the visuals.

  1. In the attached picture second visual I set maximum value as 300 but I can’t see that value at the end of the visual. Please refer the attached picture for the same.
  2. I am using power Bi pro version. If I purchased for 10 users and publish the report and updated the application with permission set to  20 users in the power bi premium workspace. Then the 20 users can use your visual on rotation basis as per 10 users?
  3. What is the maximum height of the visual can be set with x axis scale with min and max value as like in the attached picture. I have to include 6 visuals in a page of size (1366px width and 768px height). Please check and let me know is it possible.
  4. Will you give license to use for 1 or 2 days to my id so that I can evaluate entirely to check the visual meet business requirement?

Please clarify the question before we purchase the visual. Pleaser reply as earlier as possible.



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