The Secondary Gauge never saves my modifications



I am currently trying to set up a colored background according to values.

In this example, I could save the values for the Primary Gauge (the one above), and each time I applied a change (e.g. value or color), it automatically synchronized.

For the Secondary Gauge (the one below, highlighted), I am following the same process as for the Primary Gauge but it never saves the changes.

I tried to change only values, go out of the visual, click on the “edit” button on the top right-hand corner… But it would always go back to the default values (which are not 0 – 6 ; 0 – 7 ; 7 – 12) when I click on “back to report” or on “edit”.

How come only the Primary Gauge changes itself without problems and not the Secondary one?

Thanks in advance for your help

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