Tooltip not working for some rows on Gantt Chart Enterprise



I am using the enterprise version of the gantt chart & for some reason tooltips only work for some rows & not for others (nothing comes up when you hover over certain items). I have included screenshots below of it working / not working. Could you please help me understand why this is happening / how we might fix it?

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Hello Jared,

Please help in sharing a sample pbix file to xViz support team to analyze this issue further.

You will find the support contact details in your welcome email.



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Hi Dharani,

Thank you for your response – in the process of building out a redacted version to send to you, I figured it out. If one of the fields in the tooltip is null for a given row, the tooltip doesn’t display.

I’d recommend updating this so that the tooltip still works, but displays “null” or “blank” for that field in the tooltip.


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