“Upgrade to a paid version” error in PowerBI Desktop


I am using the xViz radar Chart visual(1.1.3) in PBI desktop service, and receiving an alert on all visuals that I am using pro features and must upgrade to a paid version.

Can anyone help me to remove it?

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did you manage to solve it?


Kindly write the issue to xViz support email to get this fixed.


Hello All,

Our xViz FREE Desktop Edition has been recently prompting users to upgrade to a paid subscription. This error is due to a Power BI update. We regret the inconvenience caused.

While we are working on fixing the issue as a priority:

  • Kindly check out our 30-day one-time Enterprise Trial to experience xViz without any restrictions
  • You can download the BETA version of the visual from our website with the popup issue fixed
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