User as developer or viewer?


I’m exploring the pricing of your apps – the license fees are quoted as per “user”. Is a user someone develop and publish the power BI reports, or anyone who view the report. If the latter, how do you count the number of users? If the former, I assume a user would get a license when publishing some reports using  app?

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Here the user means both the developer and the viewer. Only the licensed users will be able to develop and view the chart.

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Thank you! Are these floating licenses or assigned to a person/device? Let’s say we probably will have 2-3 people doing development concurrently, and no more than 5 people viewing the charts at the same time. The organization may have 40 people who may view the charts once for a while. Do we need to have a license for every single person (majority won’t view the chart very frequently), or 10-20 would be sufficient? Also, are there any discount if we use more than one apps from you?


My team is also planning to use xViz (Gantt Enterprise), with 1-3 report developers but 50 or so viewers (with no more than 10 concurrent viewers in the published Power BI dashboard).

As hlee followed-up with – are the licenses floating or assigned / allocated per user (e-mail)?

Thank you so much!

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