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Dear xViz-Team,

while searching for a suitable PowerBI visual for a data analysis job (multivariate analysis) I became aware of your “parallel-coordinates-visual”. I am currently trying to use your trial version to get my data into my desired form.

My problem:

I have several columns with categorical data.
Unfortunately, the graph does not sort the categorical features on their respective Y-axes.
I tried to convert data from text format into numeric format, but the problem still exists. The format has no influence.
–> The Y-axes seem to be sorted randomly.

Is there any possibility to bring all the categorical Y-Axis (max. number is 5) in a ascending sorting?

Thank you in advance for your support & feedback.

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Hello Joe,

Thank you for your interest in xViz for Power BI.

Consider the following example of data:

The sorting can be adjusted from the ellipsis icon on the top right of the visual canvas:

Select the option that is named by the columns inserted in the Category field.

The result is that the all the Continent names are sorted in the alphabetical order. All the Nation names are first grouped by the Continent names, groups are arranged as per the continent name ordering, and sorted again alphabetically within each group:

Please let us know if this resolves your query.

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