What are all the PRO features in the Hierarchical Filter?

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In a Power BI report the Hierarchical Filter visual has an orange lock, which renders a pop-up (when hovering over) reading ‘You are using one or more PRO features’. However, as far as I can see, in the Filter Panel there are just two features marked as PRO (‘Enable search’ in ‘Filter options’ and ‘Number formatting’; version 1.1.0), which I have disabled already.

What am I missing??

Thanks, Bastiaan

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The lock symbol appears when there are more than 2 categories added to the Category field. As already mentioned, data restrictions are also applied.

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There are data restrictions set for the freemium version. How many rows are added under the Category field in your visual?

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hi dharanip, for every column there are 83 rows in total, divided over 9 categories.

Hi bastianB,
since you have added 9 categories, which is above the restriction in freemium version, you got the lock icon.
Stay tuned for a major update in Hierarchical filter. we have interesting things coming, and some of them are included in freemium version as well.