Why doesn’t the visual export to PowerPoint?


I am exporting a Power BI report to a PowerPoint slide deck. Why doesn’t the xViz visual export to PowerPoint?

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So far I have received two non-answers. I have purchased a license and wanted to know what steps I needed to take to get the licensed visuals to appear when exporting the report to PowerPoint.

The solution is to:
1. Select Get More Visuals in Power BI visualizations.
2. When the Power BI Visuals shows, switch to My Organization.
3. Find the visual you want and select Add.

Note – you cannot get all of your visualizations at one time. The process has to be repeated for each visualization.



To use the certified version of xViz Advanced Pie and Donut chart, you have to import the visual from AppSource.

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Ok but then how do you set the license ?

Eric – see my comment above.

Hello Eric/gsTucson,

In case if you have already purchased a license, please reach out to the xViz support team. You can find the support contact details in the purchase email.

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