Why isn’t the overlay on a Radar chart working as expected?

310 viewsoverlay radar

When I setup a radar chart to compare survey data for different entities I don’t see an overlay of each entity

Instead I believe it appears to be doing some form of aggregation.

Here is what I am talking about.

How do I know this to be the case?

Well when I look at each entity individually I see a pattern that is not mirrored in the above mapping.

So what is going on?

What setting do I have to use if I want the overlay of data for different entities (in my case its geographical regions)?

I can confirm some form or errant summat thision is being performed when overlay of data is expected by comparing the visualization with the radar chart available in PBI. See the attached file, as unfortunately I could not snag the images by editing this post

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I can confirm that the xViz Radar chart is doing some form of summation when one has multiple regions selected for a dimension.

I have used the PBI radar chart to validate this against and sure enough the PBI radar chart correctly overlays when multiple regions in a dimension are selected, where as xViz radar doesn’t.