Why won’t my data fully display using multiple axes?



I hope you can help fix the display. My problem is that when I try to display more than one dataset they appear to cut each other off. Instead of acting independently with the y-axis and sharing the x-axis, the two datasets appear to only be able to occupy single sections of the x-axis. Below I have shared images of the combine axes graph and each dataset as a single line graph. You can see that each dataset could span the entire date range, but when combined the visual becomes truncated and some data is excluded. Why won’t these datasets overlay?

A few notes on the data model: I have related each fact table (where the data has a timestamp) to a common timetable that I created by with the union and distinct functions. I chose this method to have a timetable with just the unique timestamp values from all my datasets, which has limited its size nicely.  The last picture is what I get when I use the standard Power BI line chart visual, which works fine.

Ultimately, I would like to add more data to this visual and use more y-axes than 2. I limited the example here to 2 to be able to show that there appears to be a difference in how the multi-axes visualization is handling the data compared to the standard line chart.

I hope someone can help. I just started using this visualization so I won’t be surprised if there is something I’m missing here.

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