xViz Desktop still getting pro license error

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I’ve bought and installed the desktop version of the xViz gantt chart but I am still getting the pro license error

Any ideas what I have done wrong?



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Hello Nick,

Follow the installation guide provided in your purchase email. In case, if you are still getting an error, please drop an email to the support team with your order number details. You can find the support contact details in your purchase email.



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I am experiencing the same issue. This is affecting all our users that are licenced for Power BI Pro, as well as xViz Project Management Suite 3.3.0

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Hi Justin, I was not following the instructions. I had to get my a PowerBI admin to upload this visual to the My Organization section and then I was able to import the visual from that and it worked fine. Let me know if it helps you.

Odd, that is what I did as well, had a Power BI admin upload the suite to our organization. Did you have to un-import the trial and import the new suite?


Yes, you need to download the visuals from My Organization and kindly swap from the trail to the new licensed visual. If you need further guidance, please drop an email to the support.