xViz Gantt Chart – Parent showing wrong average of sub tasks

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I am working on adding a Gantt Chart to a dashboard for visualizing some data from Microsoft Planner in Power BI. I’ve started looking into the Gantt Chart made by xViz, which works quite nice except for one thing I cannot seem to figure out:

As you can see, this parent task “Dataanalyse” is somehow showing 70.39%, even though the only content of it is the child tasks “Gjør datauttrekk” and “Analyser data” which have a progress of 100% and 50%, respectively. Thus, I was expecting the parent to show 75%, the mean of the progress of its content.

Does anyone know how to get the parent to show the average of its content?

Also, if anyone has an explanation for how it manages to compute 70.03%, I’m curious to hear!

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The formula for progress calculation is as follows,

∑d*p / ∑d

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Aha, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!

Anytime !

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