xViz Gantt – presentation has changed


I have previously built a Gantt visual which I refresh each month in desktop for my own tracking purposes. I have not actually made any changes to the pbix file. This month 2 things seem to have changed with the presentation of the visual

Milestones below tasks

In previous months the milesones were positioned on top of the tasks so that you can see them. (see screenshot 1)
This month when I refreshed the visual in desktop, the milestones are beneith the tasks so arent actually visible. (see screen shot 2)

Milestone Configuration based on Milestone Name

Milestones were configured based on milestone name. Circle for Go-Live and Diamond for Business Case. (see screenshot 3) Now they are all diamonds regardless of name.

Again, I havent changed the PBIX file. How do I get back to the orginal presentation shown in Screenshot 1.

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