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Hi, I just want to ask about some of the limitations of the PBI xViz Hierarchical Filter (Pro) as I am being restricted from testing out some of the functionalities within PBI Desktop at the moment.

  1. Is there an option to single select say children categories instead of a parent category? E.g. Parent category (P) contains A, B and C. What I am looking for is a single select of the children categories (either A, B or C) and not single selecting P, which would instead give me A, B and C altogether.
  2. With the dropdown view, is there a way to make it such that only the child category is listed in the selection pane? E.g. Parent category (P) only contains A, so if I select A. It should display A in the selection pane, not P.

Thank you!

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If you are facing any ‘upgrade to pro’ popup with the visual with the desktop version of our visual, then this is due to the recent Power BI desktop upgrade. While we are working on fixing the issue as a priority:

  • Kindly check out our 30-day one-time Enterprise Trial to experience xViz without any restrictions
  • You can download the BETA version of the visual from our website with the popup issue fixed
  1. Currently, we do not have the feature of providing single select within a parent only. We have added your request to our backlog for consideration in upcoming releases.
  2. Yes, the visual provides various options to display single children. Use the following option from the format pane.

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Hi Prachi, thank you for your response. Just wanted to add-on/clarify some of the queries that I have:

1. With regards to the dropdown, would it be possible to make the dropdown display all at once rather than having to enlarge the slicer itself to view the dropdown option(s)?
2. To clarify when I meant display sub-category heading, take the second result you attached for example: If I single select California (under West), I want the selection pane to display California as opposed to West etc. Is that available in the Pro version?

Thank you

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1. I am afraid that currently, it is not possible for a custom visual to overflow the content from its canvas in Power BI. Hence, it will be required for the visual to have the height to expand the dropdown.

2. Thank you for the clarification.
This is currently not available in the visual.

I would request you to log your feature suggestions on our ideas page – https://community.xviz.com/question/ideas/