Y axis not starting from 0

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Hello, I’m new to this community so maybe my question is already answered… I’m trying to use the XViz Power BI multiple axis chart to show and compare two series. The target is to show if yes or no the data are moving together with the X timeline moving on.

But when I plot the two series with line format, even if I chose “Auto Axis Min/Max” option it always start from 0 so impossible to see clearly the relation. I found a way to configurate manually the minimum of Y axis but each time I plot something else I need to change this… very anoying for users and not practical at all!

What is the trick for this? Thanks,

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Hello Gaetan,
I have exactly de same problem. The dharanip’s solution is not working for me. Did you fix yours?
Thank you

Hello, I did not nolve it… I got some kind of new version from XViz support team but it did not worked well… To be honest I’m using the standard “dual Y axis” option from Power BI now: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/visuals/power-bi-visualization-customize-x-axis-and-y-axis


Hello Gaetan,

Please disable the ‘Align Axis threshold’ toggle under ‘Chart options’

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Hello, it’s working well for me now, I disabled the “Align Axis threshold” as mentionned 😉 Thanks,